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What will


look like?

In order to reach more people and

build deeper relationships

between our neighbors,

ONENIGHT 2019 will 

look a little different.

We have a big vision.

That vision will take a big strategy. Which is why in 2019, ONENIGHT will not longer be identified as an event, but rather as many gatherings spread throughout the city, throughout the year.


2019 Strategy Slide v1.png
2019 Strategy Slide v1.png


The journey of ONENIGHT has been unbelievable. And we believe God is only getting started. 

To catalyze this movement into the next level, we need to be building deeper relationships with one another. Story after story could be told of the multi-church worship team that comes together for ONENIGHT being friends and family after spending a year together planning for an event. Same for the choir. Same for the volunteers. Same for the organizational team. Same for the church congregations that have simply hosted.

We want these stories to multiply across our city. And in order to do that, we need to have more gatherings, more often. The strategy to make that happen is to light mini-ONENIGHT fires across the different regions, bringing together churches that are right down the road from one another, and allowing them to meet, work and serve together, and then lead a worship and prayer gathering together.


Experience has proven that when we have an "excuse," such as an event, to come together and work alongside one another, God gives us relationships we will never forget. We know that we are always on mission to bring true transformation - that happens only through Christ - to our city through the hearts of our people. We are visibly proclaiming the good news of Jesus by uniting as one body, who is surrendered to Him, and loving our neighbor.


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